• Innovative drones

    for higher yields

  • Innovative drones

    for higher yields

  • Innovative drones

    for higher yields

We provide complete agricultural drone-services, including biological fight against corn-borer, NDVI imagery and thermography. We operate with an extended territorial web of pilots, allowing us to visit your field and to help you optimizing your work !

Our special anti-parassites-system, rapidly covers your field and distributes eggs of helpful insects who fight the corn borer or other unpleasant “visitors”

And all this withouse the use of a helicopter or the destroying action of your tractor……..

Biological Pest Control of European Corn Borer         

Every year the European corn borer destroys a significant amount of maize yield. The conventional as well as the biological pest control is a time consuming and costly job because the pesticides or beneficial organisms have to be distributed on food or by a special machinery due to the height of the plants in a very limited time frame.

A new methodology could help to reduce the cost of the distribution. Our soleon-agro-copter is able to distribute Trichogramma eggs fast and efficiently on large fields without physically interacting with the plants.

Our solution is more cost-efficient, protects the soil and emits no emissions in the field in contrast to conventional methods.

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he European Corn Borer. Source: Entomart

soleon DisCo - dropping system trichogramma trichosafe balls


Schema Ausbringung

distribution schema for dropping
Trichogramma eggs.

soleon dis-co

soleon-agro-copter dropping Trichogramma eggs.


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