UniCo - Master of the steep slopes

Masters on steep slopes - our drones take crop protection to new heights!

UniCo - the drone for the steep slopes

UniCo is the new copter for the application of crop protection products and plant strengthening agents.

The UniCo can also be used shortly after a rain when, for example, ground-based vehicles cannot be used because the ground is too slippery.

Growing grapes on steep slopes is an impressive and at the same time demanding form of viticulture. Steep slopes are often characterized by their steep slopes and difficult-to-farm soils. Winegrowers are faced with a variety of challenges.  Due to the steep slopes, working on the vines and applying pesticides often requires tedious manual labor or the use of specialized equipment to ensure worker safety.

The use of drones is particularly suitable for steep slopes in viticulture, as it can easily overcome a variety of challenges. This includes the application of crop protection agents and plant fortifiers.

The application of plant protection products on steep slopes is a major challenge. The steep slopes and often tight spaces make it difficult to distribute crop protection products evenly and efficiently. Winemakers must plan carefully and use special techniques to ensure that all vines are treated appropriately without harming the environment.

Work safety: Working on steep slopes is physically demanding and involves risks. The steep slopes increase the risk of injury, both for the winemakers and the employees. The use of equipment such as tractors or sprayers requires special precautions to avoid accidents. It is important to implement appropriate training and safety measures to make working conditions as safe as possible.

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