Drohnenfestival Anras

We are exhibiting at the drone festival in Anras!

You can see our new spraying drone for agriculture and the new drone with fuel cell for mountain rescue BRD.

See you on May 11th in Anras.

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ICAR 2023 in South Tirol

Exciting unveiling at ICAR 2023: Our brand new drone with fuel cell!

The drone can be flown up to 2 hours with the hydrogen fuel cell or optionally up to 50 minutes with the latest Lipo technology.

Optimal for use with the cell…

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We exhibit at the ICAR 2023 in South Tyrol

Exciting unveiling at ICAR 2023: Our brand new drone!
We proudly unveil our latest innovation - a groundbreaking drone that redefines the boundaries of performance and versatility.

Be amazed!

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Plant protection in agriculture with drones


UniCo is the new copter for the application of plant protection products and plant strengthening agents.

The UniCo can also be used shortly after a rain, for example when ground-based vehicles…

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ViCo - Videocopter rethought

ViCo is the new video copter from soleon.

The copter is very compact and so strong that it can easily transport gimbal systems with professional video cameras weighing up to 12kg through the air.

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Drones in the mountain rescue

We took part in the field test of the drones for civil defence in Eggental-Southtirol.

New technologies were discussed and tested at the meeting. Sensors such as video cameras or infrared sensors were also tested.


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LasCo2 - the new 8 copter for laser systems

LasCo2 is the new octocopter for the safe airborne transport of high-quality lidar systems such as Riegl's systems.

With the 8 motors, the LasCo2 is absolutely redundant and remains safely in the air even if one motor fails.

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Pest control in agriculture

The dispensing mechanism DisCo (Dispenser for Copter) was developed by us and allows the simultaneous ejection of 3 balls.

The distribution mechanism has been redesigned and offers a number of advantages:

  •     Fully automatic…
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soleonLasCo x8 - the perfect copter for laser scanning

The LasCo x8 multicopter has been specially developed for mounting laser scanners and has a lot of advantages:

  • Flight times up to 20 minutes
  • Payload up to 4kg
  • Can be used up to an altitude of 3.000m
  • No limitation…
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Drones as an art object

Drones as an art object - Exhibition "Jusqu'ici tout va bien"
According to the target of the French artist, Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil, we designed a special multicolor that lifts the luminous phrase "Jusqu'ici tout va bien" (same title…

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Fawn rescue from the air with multicopter

In the first weeks of life, fawns are often weaned by their mothers in tall grass. There they hide and are protected against predators by the natural camouflage of their
coat and the lack of their own scent. However, the early summer birthing…

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soleon-Multikopter Coanda x12 in Namibia

In the fall of 2015, a soleon multicopter coanda x12 was used for data flights in Namibia in southern Africa by our customer, the University of Bayreuth, climatology working group.
The multicopter is equipped with 12 motors and can transport…

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Innovation Festival 2013 – Bolzano

This year's exhibition on Waltherplatz gave us the opportunity to get in touch with a wide variety of people.
From random passers-by to internationally recognized professors, our drone aroused enormous interest in everyone. We were also inundated…

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