Drones as an art object - Exhibition "Jusqu'ici tout va bien"
According to the target of the French artist, Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil, we designed a special multicolor that lifts the luminous phrase "Jusqu'ici tout va bien" (same title of the art exhibition). The lettering has a dimension of 2.5 meters width and is attached to a very light construction made of carbon profiles. The assembling of the font was realized in cooperation with the company Alpsvision GmbH.
The art object, the main attraction of the exhibition, was flown by Michael Schmalzl - Alpsvision, at the opening.The art object will now be exhibited at the Macro Museum in Rome until 26.11.2017.

Many thanks to the organizer Elisabetta Guivagnoni and the artist Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil for the order and the confidence in us!

Jusqu'ici tout va bien (Fin qui tutto bene - Until now everything OK)